ZTZDX-001 Automatic Pencil Dipping Machine

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  • ZTZDJ-001  Automatic  Pencil Dipping Machine

    ZTZDJ-001 Automatic Pencil Dipping Machine

    ZTZDX-001 Automatic Dipping Machine combines process of inserting pencil,flatting pencil,dipping pencil,It can solve the smell problem of dipping workshop remove paint, reduce labor costs,improve production efficiency. This device adds a high-precision photoelectric switch in the paint part, to ensure that each color paint can dipping the same height position.Stained UV paint part of the automatic increase UV paint temperature control system, real-time to maintain the concentration of UV paint.After dip UV paint, the roundness at the top is more consistent.Increase automation system to remove paint skinning phenomenon,can adjust the interval at any time to remove skinning.