LGSPTJ-001 Pencil Eraser Tipping Machine (Screw-type)

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QG-SM Pencil Both Ends Cutting Machine is used for cutting process ( after stamping process).It can cut one end of the pencil accurately,make the end surface to be flat(for better installing aluminum ferrule)and the pencil length to be unified,effectively prevent lead broken or uneven cutting phenomenon.

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LGSPTJ-001 Pencil Eraser Tipping Machine (Screw-type) can install the aluminum ferrules and erasers on one end of round, triangular, hexagonal pencils(after the stamping process).

Production capacity: 0~150pencils/min
Size: 2055×825×1340 mm
Weight: about 850kg
Total power :1.85kw(including heating)
Power supply: three-phase 380V or 220V (optional)
Heating device: heating hoop (a total of 1, power is 0.1kw)

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