Digging series DY003-ZDB Automatic three sides digging machine(straight)

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Undertake all kinds of machining parts, provide drawings or samples CNC numerical control machine processing, wire cutting, laser cutting, surface grinding, customized equipment, sheet metal, surface spraying, robot welding processing, complete sets of electrical equipment.

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  1. Machine can used for digging oblique hole ,and straight hole (Machine can dig small round holes, straight elliptical holes, 45-degree inclined holes, water drop-shaped holes) Different hole types need to be replaced with corresponding cutters.
  2. Equipped collect, feed pencil equipment, if no equipped can reduce US$630, equipped two center distance
  3. The equipment is equipped with Taiwan TECO servo system, Omron PLC, and Taiwan Shangyin ball screw.
  4. The tool feed adopts the servo system mode, which is stable in operation, accurate in position, and convenient to adjust the position of the tool
  5. Machine not equipped cutter, cutter need additional purchase, one set with 3 pcs cutter with US$3110
  6. Speed 0-150 pcs/min

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